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Donate in Memory

This page allows you to make a donation in memory of a person.

Please search either the deceased’s surname or chosen charity and this will forward you to our area of Memory Giving’s donation site and once you have selected the person for whom you are donating in memory of  you can then make the donation and select whether you are able and wish gift aid to be added to your donation amount. You may also leave a personal message with your donation.

We use memory giving a dedicated website to funeral directors for the process of the online donations and strongly encourage donations should be made this way as they will guarantee that all gift aid that is due will reach each charity.

Once your donation has been processed you will receive an email to confirm the transaction and a receipt from us, your donation will then be listed on that persons unique page.

We do still accept cheques made payable to the charity and these too will be listed on the persons unique page but we cannot guarantee the charity will be able to collect potential gift aid amounts.

About Memory Giving

Memory Giving pass the funds directly to the charity concerned within days of the donation and the pages, with their messages from donors will be viewable after the page closes for further donations typically 6-8 weeks after the funeral. When the page closes, the family will be sent a comprehensive report of all donations.

We will create the collection page and families may assist by providing a photograph.

Memory Giving, in line with online payment services takes a commission of 5% of the donation. We are confident that the Gift Aid recovery which Memory Giving provide on behalf of the charity increases the gift by upwards of 18%.


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