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Burial is still a popular option for families. It is normally possible for a person to be buried either in their local parish or borough, or a burial ground of their choice.

Choosing a place for your loved one to be buried is an important part of the process and we will advise you of the burial grounds available and arrange for you to visit them if you wish to choose a final resting place. Some people also like to reserve their own plots in advance and some cemeteries will allow this, in these instances we can advise and organise all necessary paperwork for you.

An increasingly popular idea is following a cremation to have the cremated remains interred at a burial ground so that there is a permanent monument and place to visit. Most burial grounds have separate areas dedicated to this.

One of the common things we hear is the worry of who will look after the plot in the future. Included in the costs from the burial ground will be for the continued maintenance of the burial plot. This does not include the maintenance of any memorial erected on the plot.

Please visit our Memorials page to discover the many types of memorial we have created and some examples from our Stonemason’s brochure along with their contact details.

Woodland burial is a new option and is available in this area. We will again be able to help if this is your wish, but advise that there are often more regulations as to what is allowed for both the funeral and memorial than in a traditional cemetery.

If you have any questions regarding burial then please contact us and we will happily answer any queries you may have.