Our family are here for your family

Our Fleet

Our modern and distinguished looking Silver Fleet of Jaguar’s was introduced in the early 1990’s and the well-known colour has remained the same since. These impressive vehicles are very much recognised as our own signature to a funeral.


Our two silver Jaguar Pilato Queen II hearses are very unique. They were both built and finished to our own specifications. The bodywork was designed and made by Pilato of Italy and each hearse has a different style of deck; one Italian made by Pilato; and one known as an English pull-out deck made by Superior UK to our exact specifications. They are a stunning pair of vehicles and still very rare in the UK.


Along with our hearse we have two silver Jaguar Imperial 6 door limousines, which can comfortably accommodate 5-6 mourners. These were again built and designed by Pilato, Italy and were we believe the first Jaguar limousines made outside of the UK.  They have comfort seating arrangements, glass roofs to allow more light into the vehicle and raising suspension. We will collect you from your designated start point and return you to there or an after funeral reception at your chosen venue. We also now offer our matching silver Jaguar XJL saloon car which can seat 3-4 mourners comfortably and may be more suitable for smaller numbers of passengers or where extra transport is required Other limousines can be hired if required, but sufficient notice should be given.

Private ambulance

Our private ambulance is based on a Mercedes Vito and is finished in the company’s fleet colour of silver. This vehicle has been internally designed by Superior UK to our own specifications so that we may conduct the collection of a deceased loved one and carry all necessary items for this, so that it is always done in a dignified manner.