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An ever growing side to our business is the request and need for people to pre-arrange their funeral. There are many advantages why this is done: most importantly it gives the opportunity for you to lay down all your wishes and instructions for your funeral from whether you are buried or cremated to which hymns or music you would like. This will at the time of bereavement save families from making some of the difficult decisions on your behalf.

Nicholas O’Hara now sell exclusively the Independent Way Funeral Plan through Golden Charter as we believe this give the best options for the people who wish to pre-arrange their funeral or that of a loved one. Golden Charter will on the purchase of a funeral plan donate to the Woodland Trust for their ongoing work in this country. The money is held in the Golden Charter Trust until the time of death. We ourselves will make a donation to LEAF, a local Leukemia charity,  for each funeral plan purchased and through Golden Charter a donation is made to the RBL Poppy Appeal.

The funeral plan will make sure that all of our charges will be met in the future and that an allowance has been paid for the disbursements (fees paid to crematorium, minister etc). As long as no additions or amendments are required and the disbursements are within the allowance at the time of death then no further charges will be made. Once the plan has been purchased if your requirements change and you wish to add to the plan then this can be arranged. The plan can be paid either in full by cheque, debit or credit card; by direct debit over 12 months interest free; or with our new low cost installment option from 2-30 years (a service charge is payable and is open to anyone aged 18-78 and the number of years is dependent on age at time of purchase)

Through Golden Charter Legal Services we also can offer Will writing, Pre-paid Probate, Power of Attorney and Family Protection Trusts. Please ask for more information.

In arranging your funeral plan we will meet with you to discuss all your wishes and needs, answer any questions and build you the plan that best suits your requirements and will be costed on what you require.

Nicholas O’Hara were awarded the Golden Charter Regional Funeral Planners of the Year Award for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 and became the first English company to win the award three years running.

All funeral plans purchased via downloading of information from our website will be entitled to a discount of £100.00 per plan purchased.

If you wish to receive our Funeral Planning information booklet or would like to discuss the idea of pre-payment funeral plans then please complete the enquiry form and this will open the PDF link to download our booklet. If you would prefer to receive one through the post or be telephoned when convenient please state this in the message box.

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